👋 Olá! (that's "Hello" in Portuguese). 
I'm Bruno, a marketer, traveler, and spreadsheet lover.

Bruno Barroso
Product Marketer

🙋 Bite-sized info about me

Humble, creative, and down-to-earth. Both a nature lover and technology enthusiast.

Currently based in Portugal 🇵🇹, spending most of my time between vibrant Lisbon and the beautiful Azores Islands (where I was born).

Working fully remote and mostly async, traveling often for workations to seek inspiration and try out tasty new food.

My work experience

For the past 10 years, I've helped operationalize marketing strategies for several international companies based in Europe, Asia, and in the United States.

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📁 What I can definitely help with

📈 Growth Marketing
Content Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimization
Lead Generation
Paid Search
📝 Product Marketing
Audience Segmentation
Go-to-Market Strategy
Lifecycle Email Campaigns
Product Messaging
User Research
🔢 Data & Analytics
Custom Dashboards
Custom Reports
Marketing Automation
Site Analytics & Metrics

👀 Sneak peek

These are some of the projects I've had the chance to work on.

💬 Let's talk!

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