“The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing.”
- Seth Godin

🧠 Work smarter, not harder

I've worked both on big consultancy firms (don't miss the strict dress codes 🙅) and on small SaaS startups. I've developed features on a CRM platform, put in charge of SEO strategy, and crafted creative email campaigns. 

All these experiences have contributed to the skill set I have today; in essence, I'm a data-informed marketer.

What I most enjoy doing is to crunch data and use insights to design initiatives that add real value to the user throughout its lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. Sustainable long-term growth beats quick short-term hacks on my book.

Oh, and whenever possible, I try to avoid doing things twice. I have an eye to turn patterns into automation of tasks and workflows, making work more efficient, one task at a time.

🔬 Engineer turned Marketer

So, my education is a bit unusual for a marketer. I hold a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering, a time of my life where I was exposed to lots of Physics, Programming, and especially Maths. While I was good at it, I felt I needed more than solving thrilling integral formulas and Fourier series.

That said, I don't regret my education or career choices. On the contrary, my technical background has given me a unique POV in the marketing world.

Learn by doing!

I see side projects as a great playground to experiment and develop skills. Even when a project doesn't take off, it still teaches you a new valuable skill or lesson.

My most successful project is Geeky Explorer, a travel website where I share tips and hacks for smart travel. Pre-COVID it even got to be my main source of income for a few months.

🙋 On a personal note...

I proudly suffer from itchy feet and have visited 40+ countries so far. I love the energy and buzz of big cities for a limited amount of time, but I'm mostly drawn to nature and the great outdoors.

Other hobbies include cooking (to my mother's delight), playing padel on Saturday mornings or attempting to convince my partner that adopting a cat is a good idea. And puns. I'm always ready to hear your best (read: worst) puns.

Finally, I love taking photos and Instagram is the place where I share some of my memories.

⚙️ Favorite tools

  • Airtable, Google Sheets and Coda (I have a thing for sheets and databases)
  • Ahrefs (my favorite SEO tool)
  • Autopilot (flexible and reliable app to manage user journeys)
  • ChartMogul and Mode (to keep track of marketing/product metrics)
  • DatoCMS (simple, intuitive and fast CMS)
  • Intercom (great for product messaging)
  • Revolut (saving me a lot of money in exchange and payment fees abroad)
  • Todoist (how I keep work and personal life organized)
  • Webflow (how I built this website)
  • Zapier (whenever I need a magical automated backend)

My work experience

For the past 10 years, I've helped operationalize marketing strategies for several international companies based in Europe, Asia, and in the United States.

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👀 Sneak peek

These are some of the projects I've had the chance to work on.