Business Proposal Guide

Content Marketing, SEO

Project overview

The idea of this content project was to find patterns and common strategies amongst successful consultants and freelancers on how they build their business proposals and pitch clients.

After speaking with 114 consultants, both on written surveys and on 1:1 interviews, we created a business proposal guide with tips on structure, design, and specific advice on pricing and communication.

This research/editorial page filled with data insights was linked to a business proposal builder, a free tool to leverage Piktochart templates.

My contribution

Apart from doing most of the research, I structured the surveys to extract quantitative insights and participated in interviews with some of the featured consultants.

Designed a mockup for the final landing page and helped coordinate the design and development of the final project, while collaborating with other teams and an external agency.

Finally, helped automate the flow of the leads coming from business proposal creator to integrate them into our nurture drips.

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