Design Cost Calculator

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Project overview

From our user surveys and interviews, we realized that one of the major anxieties concerning Piktochart was the perceived high price of the subscription.

To answer this, I ideated this campaign to focus on highlighting the potential savings from using an online design tool like Piktochart vs hiring professional graphic designers.

It was used for top-of-the-funnel awareness but also as a reason to make existing users consider an upgrade and for churning users to extend their subscription.

My contribution

Gathered data from websites like Glassdoor, Payscale, and 99 Designs as well as from tailored surveys for Piktochart users and non-users. The data points included freelance hourly rates, agency rates, full-time salaries and even the design process followed by some professionals.

This data was used for the algorithm of the calculator as well as on the editorial page which contained more in-depth research.

I then created the mockups for the pages and coordinated the project together with development and design teams. I was also responsible for SEO research as well as planning out the launch campaign on social media, newsletter, online communities, and the blog.

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