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Project overview

A newsletter is a still very overlooked touchpoint between a brand and its audience. In a world where is harder than ever to make content grow organically, mailing lists are a golden opportunity to get in touch with your audience.

Piktochart's newsletter shares design tips and inspiration, educating people on how to visualize complex data, pick the right color palette for a presentation or general advice on how to build a successful infographic.

The newsletter is sent monthly, both to product users and non-users (who subscribe via the blog).

My contribution

When I joined Piktochart, I got fully in charge of the content and overall strategy of the newsletter. At this point, it was simply a dump of the latest articles of the blog, so I defined two main goals.

The first was to grow the list, particularly amongst high-potential users. I managed to grow the email list by 500 new subscribers per week.

The newsletter became the top distribution channel for 10x content pieces, generating more than half of the overall traffic of these pages in 2018. The average revenue per website session originated by a click in the newsletter grew by 36%.

The second goal was to give the newsletter a new branding and identity. The new logo and name "Enlight" was born. The idea was to evolve from a simple "company newsletter" to a separate value proposal, similarly to what Invision does with its successful "Inside Design" newsletter.

To make each newsletter edition more unique, I also assigned each edition of the newsletter a theme or topic. This involved the creation of an editorial calendar, deriving from the overall marketing strategy.

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