Geeky Explorer

Content Marketing, SEO

Project overview

Since late 2014, Geeky Explorer is where I share curated itineraries, insider travel tips, and other advice to make people travel smarter and more often.

Initially the intention was to have some kind of a travel log and develop new skills in writing and website design. Over time, it grew significantly and became a revenue-generating side project.

Through detailed content strategy and SEO efforts, it has achieved 230k monthly readers. I'm also working on growing a mailing list of independent travelers (currently with 1,000 people).

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My contribution

All the writing is done by me and based on real travel experiences. Monetization is done mostly through affiliate marketing, and I only recommend products/services I personally have used or tried.

I've been featured on Lonely Planet and Momondo and partnered up with Pixter, Skyscanner, Trivago, SAPO as well as several hotels and tour agencies worldwide in several content projects.

I've worked with a UX designer and a developer to create the current theme.

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