Paid Search Landing Pages

Paid Marketing

Project overview

To offset a seasonal period of the year where Harvest sees a seasonal low demand and trial conversions in paid advertising, we launched a batch of landing pages to target specific keywords in paid search (Google Ads and Bing Ads).

The end goal was to squeeze out more trials out of the same advertising spend by improving the CTR (click-to-rate) of the landing pages.

In all cases but one (a branded landing page A/B test) we were able to improve the CTR of the pages by at least 10%.

My contribution

I worked with a paid marketing agency to identify keywords experiencing lower-than-average conversion to trial rates.

From this list, I filtered out the ones with more potential by having the most relevant intent to try a time tracking tool.

I then created the layout mockups for the different pages, gathered feedback from the entire team to brush up the copy before putting the pages live.

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