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Project overview

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of my best friends who is a physiotherapist was laid-off. I encouraged to start her own business and offered to help her create a site.

What initially was meant to be a personal site turned into a branded and SEO-optimized Home Physiotherapy portal called "Fisioterapia Em Casa" (Portuguese for "Physiotherapy at Home"). It showcases services provided in detail - from respiratory physiotherapy to online physiotherapy - and makes it possible to schedule sessions online.

Currently, the service is focused in the Lisbon region, but the end goal is to have a network of physiotherapists across the country.
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My contribution

We researched physiotherapy clinics as as well as service-oriented businesses (from plumbers to vets) to set benchmarks and find inspiration.

I created the website from scratch using Wix, focusing on mobile and search engine optimization. We gathered testimonials from existing patients, took photos of her equipment and during sessions and planned out a content strategy for the blog and social media presence.

I also helped her with the creation of a coherent and relevant branding for her target audience - logo, icons, colors, and the overall communication tone.

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