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Project overview

One of the main goals I established while working for Harvest, a time keeping tool was to develop a solid content machine.

Using a topic clusterization method - one larger pillar piece of content + several other subpages interlinked - we wanted to help both users and search engines discover our site mostly through non-branded keywords.

I wanted to diversify our customer acquisition channels by tapping into hard-to-replicate content but at the same time consolidate brand authority.

The underlying vision here is to create quality content once, that it will feed itself naturally though organic distribution, continuing to bring in traffic and customers for years.

My contribution

Once the project was approved, I started by gathering quantitative data through keyword research on Ahrefs and grouping keywords into categories/topics.

I also factored in how we could frame Harvest as a solution in each of the topics and ultimately, figure out intent - which keywords would be a better fit to our customers as a product and as a brand.

After this prioritization process, we landed on our first topic: Time Management. Pairing up with a content agency, we developed the outline and copy of the cluster and aligned on specific target keywords for each page as well as secondary keywords (targeting Google's featured snippets).

Finally, I worked alongside our designer to create custom illustrations and diagrams to enrich the learning and sharing experience for the reader.

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